TechNerdsArea Team Provides Various Web Development Services Like:
Installation, Modding, Maintenance, Back-Up, Updating, Plugins Installation, Themes etc
of Open Source Scripts Like : Drupal (this site Platform) , Joomla, WordPress,
SMF, phpBB, MyBB etc.. & of Paid Scripts As Well.

We Also Provide PC , Notebook , Netbook etc.. Maintenance Remotely Like:
System Tune-Up, Virus/Malware Removal, One-on-One Support For Complicated
Hardware & Software Issues You Probably Might Have i.e Finding Missing
Device Drivers, Non Compatible Driver Installation And Other IT Quirks.

We Can Also Provide Consultation On Related IT Aspects i.e:
If You Are Seeking Professional Advice On What You Can Do To Improve Your
Online Presence or In Case You Are Wondering If You Need to Upgrade Your
Hardware and Software Infrastructure to Have Better Efficiency.

Contact Us For More Info on Related Services.