Useful Resources For Beginner Programmers

Greetings everyone!

In case you are new to all this programming world , here you will find some useful resources

just enough to get your feet wet.

Although there are multiple resources online, I found the following ones helpful to me.

HTML and CSS for Beginners - Build a Website & Launch ONLINE by Edwin Diaz

on udemy - for free*.

30 Days to Learn HTML & CSS by Jeffrey Way

on envatotuts+ for free*.

Become a HTML and CSS Developer  - Build a Responsive Website

Learn to Code in HTML and CSS

on the online ZENVA Academy. for free*

TheNewBoston Website & YouTube Channel

Some useful tips and advice you can find here as well:

I hope, and would like to believe, that this short list of online resources can arm you with a good

start-up level of insight.


[*Wherever you see this sign within this article , it means you need to have an account in order to opt-in within each site-course]