Why you need a reliable Web Designer and Developer

Well, there are a lot of reasons someone might think off.

Let`s say we have some examples in real life:
A Car Mechanic.
A Dentist.
A Real-Estate Agency.
A Fast-Food Corner.
and so & so.... you get the idea here.

What do you think, is it a good idea for example for a car mechanic to search the web

on what he can do to start his own website for online presence ?
Like, what blogging script or CMS to use ? What domain name he should buy ? What hosting service to rely on ?

Will it be wise of him to just let aside a profitable business, just so he can "DIY" his website presence
and potentially save a few bucks (or at least the mentality behind this anyway) and lose lots of "$" from his
everyday job, where there, is no doubt, he is the right man for the right job ?

Well, I would say No, it is not a wise move of him. You might probably agree on that with me.

Or, can you think of yourself doing this (engine) mechanical repair ?

Would you dare to put your hands somewhere you are not trained for ? Will it be wise ?

It is very risky, you might just do you car more damage than it had in the beginning ?

Is it more different in web design and web development ?

Have a look at this list down here to start with.


Some of these include:

1. You are NOT yourself a web-designer, web-developer or at least a webmaster.

2. You certainly do not like your beloved website to be offline for whatever reason.

3. You do not want to lose time searching for the "next" web guy/team and know nothing of them
Too much web guys & teams around, but to whom you can trust ?

Seems a nightmare.

4. Maybe you have this idea of a new domain name and site setup.
But what people will react to it ? It seems a mountain of doubts and questions to have your head and thoughts cloudy.

5. You surely are not up to speed with latest web-dev trends technology and options.

6. You want to simply and better focus on your related field or niche, (remember the car-mechanic example ?)

so you have no time to take care of web-dev stuff.

7. You hate the nitty-gritty language jargon of web-dev.

8. Your money better be wasted in more meaningful ways, i.e for your family than buying and testing scripts,

themes and other related web-dev stuff when you simply can have your personal web-dev person or team
do all that stuff for you.

9. You better have a beautiful sunny day holiday than worrying about your site`s SEO power.

10. You are not ready, yet, to be a web-dev guy for yourself, in other words

you are not going to a career change anytime soon.

As , you can see , there are quite enough reasons for you to have an IT Web-Dev Person or Team
to whom you can rely to for any web-dev and  web-design related stuff to take care of your online presence.
We can even add more reasons or "why`s" , but this post somehow summarizes some central reasons
just to get an idea of what I mean here.

What I, personally, would suggest, you better find a reliable person or team and let them do their best for you.

Have a Nice Day/Night.